Street level at dusk

Wide angle shot – Worm’s eye view

In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m kind of obsessed with cityscapes.  So I guess it makes sense that, when I finally sat down and tried to tell a story, it would mostly take place in a near future urban sprawl.

The only problem is the amount of time it takes to accurately render such locales…  And I’m not just talking about perspective drawing although I could vent on that topic at length.  For the image to be believable, each building has to look like it was designed and built by a different group of people, but still fit with all the other structures into an overall aesthetic that reflects the time period.  It’s why Hong Kong looks nothing like New York city…

And as I’m moving forward I’m finding that it really is a lot to consider. So I find myself picking very slowly through the details, trying to find just the right forms, angles, lighting, colors without going overboard and overwhelming the viewer.  It’s very humbling and more than a little bit intimidating because I’m such a stickler for consistency in the books, movies, and games I consume.  So I have to hold myself to the same standard as I timidly move forward with this project.

I’m definitely in over my head.  But I’m also having a ton of fun just pouring love onto the screen with my stylus.  I hope you find some entertainment in watching me fumble and flail.

As always, thanks for looking!

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