One last update for 2018

I just wanted to shoehorn this last bit of content onto the site before the calendar rolls over to 2019. Starting this project was a big part of last year’s resolution and I’m proud to be able to say that I stuck with it. As I’ve said in other posts, if you’ve got some sort of creative endeavor in mind, get started right now! Life is too short to not pursue your goals, and who cares how long it takes? Creep along at your own pace and let the project shape you as you shape it.

So this is a first look at a couple of the main characters. Not very exciting I know, but the purpose of these sketches is to capture the general structure of the head, and facial features for the purposes of sculpting them in a 3D software package. So everything is going to look very clinical for a while as I try to nail down things like jaw width, cheek bone angles, eye tilt, hairline, etc. There are 3 more characters that show up in the next scene from the film so I’ll be blocking them out next.

Eventually I’ll be doing expression sheets which tend to be a bit more interesting because they depict the characters going through a range of expressions in order to show how their faces change when they emote. I’m looking forward to those. Anyway… That’s it for 2018. I hope you keep stopping by to check on my progress. As always, thanks for looking.

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